The Imagined Life

In life and in love and in business, we all need to use our imaginations to their fullest extent. If we are good with numbers, then we see life in numbers, angles, and measurements. If we are good wit
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The Carnal Part of Your Brain

We all have a more sophisticated, more rational side to our brain, and we all have a very animalistic, carnal, savage center to our brain. It is really important to understand where our animal tendenc
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Work Can Take Away the Pain

Work is a useful tool for healing many things, especially if they are non-physical things. When you work and when you sweat in hard physical labor, your body and your emotions are tied together, and
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Do You Put Yourself in Bad Situations?

When interviewing a former police officer and detective, the author asked this man about men and women who put themselves in dangerous situations. How likely was a woman to fend off an attack from a m
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Drunken Roommates

When you live with an alcoholic, you suffer perhaps not to the degree in which they suffer, but you still suffer a good thirty percent, at the minimum, as much as they do. Well, that is just not good
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