Forced Elopement: The Art of Finding a Good Son-In-Law

It is often said in good stories, that the father of the bride is one of the wisest of all of the drug testing programcharacters. After being denied time together and after being denied all chance at love, the young couple elopes, after which the father of the bride is often known to have smiled and said, “It’s rare to find a good son-in-law.”

In other words, if the young man were willing to risk everything and take his beloved away to get married against her father’s wishes, he not only has won the respect of the father, but he has proven his own strength of character and force of will in real life concerning the young woman in question.

Some businesses have a rather rigorous training program for their employees, which not only trains the new workers but also gives the executives in charge of the company a good idea of what is going on behind the scenes and which employees have the best chance of being department head someday.

Not every business is this proactive, but the ones which are find these techniques to be invaluable.

One of the most common, and yet for some executives the most overlooked techniques, is the art of employee drug and alcohol screening. Workplace drug testing is, indeed, quite appropriate in proactive businesses and becomes one of the key indicators of a worker’s progress through a business. Even if they start out with one or two substance abuse strikes against them in the beginning, if they become less and less problematic as they rise through the company, then it is clear that they are learning as they progress, which is necessary for a young executive.

Of course, if any of your employees falter regularly (and are NOT a naturally clumsy or nervous kind of person) years after their employment has started, then they may be abusing substances before coming to work or while at work. You must find out for sure, and for this you need high quality onsite drug testing provided by Mediscreen. Workplace drug testing has increased in quality and cost effectiveness since Mediscreen has entered the business marketplace, and many businesses look at our AS4308 and AS4760 NATA accreditation and choose us as their screening provider. Call Mediscreen today to allow us to wow you with our skills: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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