A True Escape, A True Move

NATA accredited for medical testingHave you ever known someone who, despite all of their efforts and concentration on new goals, always seem to fall back into the same old rut? Whether or not their friends and coworkers laugh about this, just about everyone who knows them can predict where they will eventually end up, if left to their own devices.

Not everyone is able to break away from the habits and patterns which they have inevitably fallen into in their lifetimes. Not everyone is truly able to pull off the kind of change, the kind of permanent change, which is required for personal achievement, goal attainment, or simply getting their head back on straight.

A true escape, a true move away, from these problems involves trial and fire. If someone is not able to go through their own personal definition of “the worst case scenario” and keep their faith throughout that this is just temporary, then they will most likely not be able to encounter future opportunities for growth. This is simple. They just cannot handle it. And, we all know that if you are unable to handle something, it will quickly leave you, whether this be a person, money, or just a desirable situation.

True escape lies in being able to control and govern yourself first. Nothing else can be achieved without this hardest of all moves. And those who are wise know that it is impossible to control other people….in any way, shape, or form.

The best that you, as the business owner, can hope for is to be able to identify problem employees through the use of drug and alcohol screening.

Mediscreen steps into this need seamlessly. We provide you with all of the alcohol and drug testing for which you could possible wish. We not only do that, but we are an onsite company, so we bring our services to your place of business, your offices, your jobsite locations, anywhere in Australia in which your business happens to exist. Mediscreen is accredited to AS4308 and AS4760 by NATA. We are proud of this accreditation, but by far, are we are much prouder to have you and your company as business clients. Give us a call today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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