Emptiness is Not So Beautiful

When you hear a piece of soulful music, or you walk out onto the city street on a clear Emptiness is Not So Beautifulnight where the golden lights sparkle against the black velvet sky, you may feel bit of emptiness…but in a good way. When people paint or write music for emptiness, they are glamorizing it like it’s never been glamorized before. You see, emptiness can be beautiful, but then it can be dangerous and heart wrenching, as well.

What do we mean by that?

Well, a good kind of emptiness involves some sort of helpful cleansing of your spirit. You get rid of something which was bothering you or your intentions are not as bright as you thought they would be, but they are lot stronger than you realized. These are examples of good kinds of emptiness in your soul.

Bad emptiness comes when you have the mental or physical ability to do something, but your emotional ability to handle something is so low that you are standing behind a glass wall, looking at your potential, but unable to do anything about it. You are helpless and powerless, and definitely feel that way.

When an alcoholic or drug abuser enters a workplace, they are not just filled up with this bad emptiness, but they are bringing it to touch and infect everyone with whom they come in contact. You know that drug abuse and alcoholism can easily be passed down through a family, and it is because once you are exposed to this starvation level of energy, it is hard to rise above it. It is very toxic.

Mediscreen brings onsite drug and alcohol screening to Australia. No matter where your company or its branches are in this great nation of ours, Mediscreen will come to your workplace and screen your employees for you. Mediscreen is AS4308 accredited by NATA. Workplace drug testing is easy, convenient, and more cost effective through us. It is also a good way to implement employee drug testing using a company which is NATA accredited for onsite testing. We believe in your business being filled with good, emotionally strong, narcotic clean employees, and we wish to help you ascertain who is following the rules and who is not: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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