Barren Rock

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Okay, there may not be many of you. Let's ask a simpler question. Have you ever been close enough to a mountain to look at its barren rock face and truly see that the
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Work Through the Sickness of the Mind

In the Pioneering days in just about every country in the world, there are still a few bad apples who have engaged in lawlessness of some kind or another. Of course, this means that there has been a s
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The Political Ideal of Working for Your Food

Whether or not you are Marxist or anything like that, you can appreciate that there is something fundamentally whole about working for your food, such as gardening or killing and preparing meat. There
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Cosmic Habit Force

Cosmic habit force is something which was taught by Napoleon Hill in his Right to be Rich series. It is the last step in the principles given in this series. Cosmic habit force has to do with the way
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You are Your Own Creator

Every really good and successful self help book out there helps you see how you are in control of your own life. Of course, all of us are in control of our own lives. It's just that a few of us really
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