Appreciation Wins over Speculation

We all love to feel appreciated. Remember, when you were courting your best girl or guy, AS4308how good it felt for them to give you compliments, for them to plan special gifts and surprises for you, and how good it felt for them to just hang over your every word and look. Remember how good that felt?

Now, picture how things were after you had been in a long term relationship for a long time. There was a lot of speculation, wasn’t there? “If you would just take out the trash, the kitchen wouldn’t smell this bad.” “If you actually exercised a little bit three times a week, only a little bit, then you would be in the same shape you were in college.” Well, you get the picture.

Appreciation wins over speculation every time. Every….single…..time.

Of course, when you’re in business, you can hardly “court” your employees, nor would you want to. However, you may find it helpful to really exude the “public persona” of someone who wishes to appear as well and gracious in public as possible, even if you are dealing with employees who have been with you for over twenty years.

The personal touch, that added little bit of appreciation, really makes a huge difference to people. But this personal touch is lost in business transactions with your clientele and business partners if one of your employees shows up to work under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. So, for this, you need regularly scheduled drug testing. It’s not only a good idea, but pretty much necessary in order for you to be able to maintain control over your business without taking it too far and trying to control your employees themselves.

So, take a look at Mediscreen, a drug screening company which provides onsite services all over Australia. We are NATA accredited to AS4308, and we have invested a great deal in developing a drug and alcohol screening process which will bring added convenience to your wonderful business and make things so much easier for you and your workers, alike. Accurate results, onsite employee record storage, and a friendly attitude typifies the kind of interaction you can expect to get when you choose Mediscreen. And, believe us, we will definitely appreciate you: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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