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Drug & Alcohol Fact Sheets

Prescription Drug Fact Sheet

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PCP Fact Sheet

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Methamphetamine Fact Sheet

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MDMA (Ecstacy) Fact Sheet

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Masking Agent Fact Sheet

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LSD Fact Sheet

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Synthetic Cannabis Fact Sheet

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Inhalants Fact Sheet

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Heroin Fact Sheet

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Cocaine Fact Sheet

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Club Drugs Facts

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Cannabis Facts

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Bath Salts Facts

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Alcohol Facts

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Drug Testing

Can I test positive from inhaling someone else’s cannabis smoke?

The short answer is unlikely, but yes you can. Traces of cannabis could be found in your body fluids if you have inhaled someone else's cannabis smoke (called passive cannabis smoking). It really depends on a lot of factors such as:

  • How small was the space you were in with the person smoking - i.e. a car or a large room?

  • How soon after the passive smoking event are you tested?

  • How long you were present when the smoking was occurring etc, etc.

  • What type of testing method is used.

However, in most cases where this has been recorded, the concentrations of these traces are too low to give a positive/detected test result for cannabis against the cut-off levels of the Australian Standard.

What is a false negative?

A false negative is when the initial screening result declares a negative or not-detected result and the confirmatory result declares a positive or detected result.

What is a false positive?

A 'false positive' is when you are drug tested and the initial screening result declares a detected result and the confirmatory result declares a negative or not-detected result. The term 'False Positive' is an erroneous and misleading term as it does not necessarily mean that there was none of the drug (detected in the screening test) in your system, it may mean that the drug that was detected was below the confirmatory cut-off levels as stated in the Australian standard.

How long do drugs stay in my body after I have used?

Drugs affect everyone differently, and are metabolised (processed by the body) by people differently. Results of drug tests are always unique to the person who was tested. This means that you and a friend could take the same amount of a drug, at the same time, and have the same type of drug test, but have different test results. This is because individual things about you and your drug use can affect the results.

These include:
  • the strength of the drug
  • how much of it you use
  • how you use it (e.g. drunk, smoked, injected)
  • how often you use it
  • what other drugs you use
  • your metabolic rate

Does insulin show up in a drug and alcohol test?

No, insulin should not affect the tests in any way.

When can I use the helpline?

The help line is used only if you are testing at that moment and have a problem or question that you would like to resolve immediately. Our coordinators will assist you 24/365! All other enquiries such as re-ordering of stock, paperwork etc, questions about jobs, workgroups and so on, must be handled during office hours.

What is a detected/positive drug test result?

A positive or detected result is another expression for the presence of drugs found in the test. If the onsite test device suggests that a drug is present at or above the nominated concentration (according to the Australian Standard), then a sample of the same specimen will be sent to a laboratory for confirmation. It is not considered a positive/detected result until the laboratory has confirmed according to strict procedures.

What is a drug & alcohol test procedure?

A drug and alcohol test procedure may be part of an employers 'Fit for Work' policy that regulates the management of alcohol and other drugs in the work place.

What is GC/MS?

GC/MS is an acronym for Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. It is considered the 'Gold Standard' in confirmatory testing and is used when an in-field result shows positive/detected result and a highly sensitive and accurate follow up analysis is required to determine whether the sample is above the cut-off level for that drug class.

What is Mediscreen™?

Mediscreen™ is primarily an on-site drug and alcohol screening system. It is designed to enable independent operators to perform drug and alcohol testing which is aligned to relevant legislation and industry best practice. Mediscreens service offering extend to Health & Wellness testing on-site.
On Site Testing

What happens when the collector gets a positive/detected result?

The collector will send the sample to a laboratory for confirmatory testing.

Does every test have to be carried out by a registered nurse or can anyone give the test if they have been trained?

This is a more complex question than it would seem at first. The answer ultimately lies in your company policy and whether or not you are trying to follow the standards, or whether or not you are going to be doing urine or saliva testing. If you would like to call our office on 1300 79 70 40 and speak with Wayne Von Hagen, he can run through your situation with you in more detail.
Synthetic Drugs

Synthetics – I have heard a lot about them, but what are they, and are they harmful?

What are synthetic drugs?

'Synthetics' is a general term for drugs that are designed to produce similar effects to the most commonly used illicit drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. Manufacturers of this new breed of drugs change chemical structures & formulations to mimic those that are banned. These drugs are then often sprayed onto herbal mixtures of dubious and varying compositions as well as being included in pills, powders and 'tabs'. One of the main issues in the detection of these drugs is that they are constantly changing the chemical structure of the drug to avoid legal prosecution and thus making it harder to create detection tests. This new breed of drugs have variously been referred to as synthetic drugs, legal highs, herbal highs, party pills, synthetic cocaine, synthetic cannabis, drug analogues, herbal ecstasy, bath salts, plant fertilizer, herbal incense and even research chemicals. The good news is that Mediscreen™ can test for hundreds of compounds associated with these drugs.     If you would like more information - review our fact sheet here

Why are people using synthetic drugs?

Synthetic drugs are an insidious problem affecting mainstream Australia. They are in every level of our society and none more so than those trying to avoid on-the-job detection via the usual urine or saliva drug tests. Synthetic drugs are not readily detected and not even looked for under the drugs indicated by AS 4308 or 4760 hence they have become popular with mine workers and high paid workers who are drug tested as they will not show in the results, thus allowing them to be at work under the  influence of highly dangerous and impairing drugs. Synthetic drugs are in no way harmless, they are very powerful drugs - as powerful as heroin, methamphetamine or cannabis for example.