Stronger Than You Think

When you are stronger than you think, you may constantly impress yourself with your new found abilities, or…you may let yourself down by being sure that you are not up to the task. So there is both
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Strange, Ignorant Life Forms

When creatures from outer space visit us, we find them…oh wait. We cannot discuss that at this time. Alright, IF creatures from outer space visited us, we would find them to be very peculiar and we
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Pressure on You

Okay, we have all been under pressure. However, most of us get a break from it sometimes! If you are not one of those people, but are bombarded with incessant pressure from all sides all of the time,
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Bright Blue Seas

Have you ever seen the movie The Shawshank Redemption? If you have not, then it's okay to just keep reading. If you have, though, you will remember one of the last lines spoken by Morgan Freeman's cha
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Do You Put Yourself in Bad Situations?

When interviewing a former police officer and detective, the author asked this man about men and women who put themselves in dangerous situations. How likely was a woman to fend off an attack from a m
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