People and Their Secrets

People are often very possessive of their secrets. They may feel that their secrets make drug alcohol screening nationwidethem special. They may even feel that their secrets give them something which they can truly possess, as long as those secrets are kept. Some people feel that their secrets are dangerous to themselves and that if they don’t keep them, some harm will befall their health or their family.

People are good at keeping secrets, because it is essentially the same as having a very private life, only on purpose. Some people believe that, if you keep a secret from your friend, that this is the same as lying to them. Others believe that this is just avoiding a confrontation and is perfectly natural.

How do you keep your secrets? Do you keep them entirely to yourself, or do you share them with people who have access to the most intimate parts of your life? Do you only talk about your secrets with strangers, so as to avoid venting on people who know you and may be able to come back and hurt you with them later?

Trust is very tricky. Different people consider breaking trust to be very different things. Some people believe that personally attacking someone is breaking their trust, and some believe that telling a secret is the only trust breaking which actually exists. Some believe that being put in danger breaks trust, and particularly so if the perpetrator does not seem to care that they have put them in danger. What about your business? Your employees trust you to make sure that they are able to come to work in a reasonable amount of safety.

To help ensure their safety, you must regularly implement employee drug and alcohol testing. This is so that you can keep an eyes on things, and so that you have a paper trail, or physical evidence, in case you must take action regarding their employment and wish to protect your company assets. Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol testing for companies all over Australia, for every jobsite which hires us, no matter their location, and we are accredited by NATA to AS4308 and AS4760. Mediscreen is the company for you. Call us for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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