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AOD testing

AOD Testing at your Workplace

Our latest addition to the Mediscreen AOD testing  system is our state of the art equipped mobile testing clinic.

Mediscreen™ can now provide Onsite AOD Testing & Health & Wellness Testing.

Simple cost effective Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) testing services are a must in today’s competitive business world. At Mediscreen™ we provide this service with professionalism, reliability and economy.

We can combine the resources of our collectors to not only perform AOD testing at your workplace, but to also provide health testing options giving you an effective program that contributes to your company’s health & safety initiatives.

Mobile Options

Mediscreen™ provides several options to suit both large and small business;

  • For AOD testing – anything from random unannounced testing programs to blanket and pre-employment testing.
  • or Health Checks we can provide basic health checks; from blood pressure to lung function, heavy metal detection and analysis right through to psychological counselling.
  • Our new suite of health checks assists in the identification of potential causes for loss of productivity through absenteeism due to poor health.

Modern and Professional Mobile Health & Wellness Checks for Your Workforce

AOD Testing


  • Our mobile van will come to your workplace and conduct a range of health tests to assist keeping your workforce healthy and productive.
  • The mobile option saves you time and money. Your staff can get a thorough examination without losing much time away from their workstation.
  • We can ensure the sobriety of your workforce with regular and (if required) unannounced visits to test your staff for the presence of alcohol in their system.
  • This is a major safety advantage and very cost effective.


  • We can test for a range of illicit and over the counter drugs in either saliva or urine. We can conduct random, blanket and for-cause testing ensuring your workforce is drug free.
  • Safety is the primary objective of our visits and we have a number of programs to suit your requirements.

Health & Wellbeing


  • Keeping the workforce healthy pays dividends in many ways. Offering this service to your staff will assist in building the health and loyalty required for any successful business today.
  • We have a range of health testing options available from blood pressure, blood sugars, weight, lung function to psychological stressors that can negatively impact your company.

Call us today on 1300 79 70 40 to see how we can tailor a program to suit your needs.