The Carnal Part of Your Brain

onsite AOD testingWe all have a more sophisticated, more rational side to our brain, and we all have a very animalistic, carnal, savage center to our brain. It is really important to understand where our animal tendencies come from, and how much of these tendencies govern our habits and thoughts and actions. The truth is that the carnal part of your brain is where most, if not all, of your decision making actually resides. Yes, we said it, and no, we are not taking it back. Our least developed parts of our brain, the really primal parts of it, are the parts which make most of our daily and short term decisions for us. That is really exciting in some cases, and really depressing in others. Why is this the case?

Well, for one thing, if you are trying to exercise sexual, athletic, fitness, eating, or other animal control over your body, you are the least likely to succeed at these tasks. On the other hand, if you are looking to establish habits of control in refinement, decorum, and anything which requires taste and sophistication, these habits are much easier to establish. So does that mean that we are all destined to become sex crazed art fanatics? No, not really. Many people have the ability to usurp the primal parts of their brain until they can think more clearly about the issue. However, this must only be a temporary fix. If we regularly allow our primal brain to breathe and have some exercise, we are less likely to lose control, walk into a school, and gun down everyone in sight. It is the suppression of our brain which eventually leads to problems down the line.

Unfortunately, when your workers engage in drug or alcohol abuse while at work, they are usurping both their primal and their developed brains, and they are creating a numbed existence for themselves in which they can neither work nor be productive. Mediscreen is the onsite drug and alcohol testing company that you need to make sure you know about your employees’ screening test status. We are NATA accredited for medical testing, and are ISO 18001 accredited. If you need more information, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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