Traveling and Drug Abuse

ISO 14001 accreditedWhen you send employees out on business trips, you can in no way guarantee that they will abstain from alcohol or illicit drugs while they are meeting with clients or right before doing so. It is, therefore, of primary importance to think of new and creative ways of keeping tabs on them.

One of the best ways in which you can do this is to contact clients, one by one, right after meeting with your employees. If a pattern begins to emerge about their behavior, then it would show up clearly and it would be soon enough following the incident that your clients would be more likely to complain, anyway.

If you are traveling away from your business, on the other hand, then you would do well to leave someone in charge who has some experience with drug testing and who understands the various ramifications of abusing substances while at work. This person would more likely to be on watch for this sort of thing than just your regular average Joe. Also, this person would perhaps recognize the signs better than someone who has less experience with these matters.

When separate from your employees, you obviously cannot observe them directly, but you can make sure that your business uses certain controls to determine that things went well and that business is still on track, which is the whole point of using drug testing in the first place. You cannot change or help what you do not know is going on. For more information on workplace drug testing, you might consider calling Mediscreen, a leading collection agency in Australia.

We provide our onsite drug testing services to businesses all over Australia. If your workplace drug testing is handled by another company, consider if they provide onsite services. Mediscreen specializes in onsite AOD screening, not to mention the fact that we are NATA accredited to AS4308 and AS4760. Workplace drug testing does not have to be as hard as some companies make it out to be. It can be simple, easy, effective, and mobile. Whether you travel between sites or just have one business location, Mediscreen can test all of your employees easily and safely. Contact Mediscreen today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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