Fast, Cheap, and Good

Workplace Drug TestingThere is a business triangle that is commonly used among contractors and those you employ contractors, though it is applicable in just about every business situation. The triangle has, on its three sides, the words Fast, Good, and Cheap.

Now, in business, you can get a job done, but only with two of the sides of this triangle. For example:

You can get a job done Fast and Cheap, but it won’t be Good.

You can get a job done Well and Cheap, but it won’t be done Fast.

Or, you can get a job done Well and Fast, but you can’t get it done Cheaply.

That is the purpose of that particular business triangle. It delineates how projects can be accomplished and sets realistic expectations for how and when the project will be finished. Naturally, many business owners know this formula and understand the concept behind it.

Unfortunately, many company owners and managers do not always shop around when it comes to their drug testing provider. Many executives are either busy or assume that everyone is operating at pretty much the same basic cost, anyway. However, this could not be more inaccurate. Companies like Mediscreen, an onsite drug and alcohol testing provider throughout Australia, can provide both efficient and convenient services and at a price which is cheaper because they are not paying for the overhead costs on a laboratory.

Mediscreen is a high quality mobile drug and alcohol testing company, and we are NATA accredited to AS4308. We understand that your business needs reliability, convenience of onsite screening, friendly customer service, and a price that is not too high. Mediscreen has you covered in all of these areas.

Not only do we put a high value on what your business does, but we try to bring you all three sides of the Fast, Cheap, and Good triangle. We try to bring you everything so that, as our business clients, you are extremely happy with our services and will want to hire us forever. Our reputation is ready for whatever you might bring to the table. Try us out. Make sure that you put us through our paces. We enjoy a challenge. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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