How to Deal with Tipsy Employees

NATA accredited for medical testingYou may have just had an office party, celebrated someone’s birthday, or just gone out with your workers and returned to work to finish a project. Whatever the case, there are times when a seemingly legitimate situation turns into a situation where your employees are at work and tipsy.

If at all possible, when you know about a tipsy employee, it may be best to get them off of the jobsite as soon as possible and get them in a taxi going home. That way, there is no liability to your company. In addition to this, tipsy employees must be appropriately reprimanded, but the key word here is “appropriately.” You see, it perhaps should not take more than a short side note, a quick conversational “for your information,” in order to get your point across.

Anything more may be too heavy handed, considering.

Of course, if you find yourself tipsy, as well, then there is a bit more of a problem. You’re going to have let the entire office know that you should not have allowed things to progress to that extent and that you will not be continuing any more jobsite inebriation, and that you expect everyone else to follow suit. This way, you are taking full responsibility for your actions, but you are also making sure that everyone knows that you require them to increase their standards, as well.

If someone comes into work tipsy or becomes tipsy during the course of a regular workday, then you may need to use a breathalyser device and make sure, as well as providing documented evidence of their infraction. For this documentation, you need a qualified drug testing company, preferably an onsite testing company, which provides you with high quality service and mobile drug and alcohol testing. Now, Mediscreen is the company you should choose, and here’s why: We are NATA accredited to carry out onsite urine drug testing to AS4308. We provide our services to business Australia wide, and we know that if you have a large company or a business which conducts operations in a remote location, our onsite drug and alcohol testing services can be invaluable. Saving time and money is the name of the game. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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