Competition or Cooperation

Drug ScreeningCooperation is something that can sometimes seem hard to come by in the workplace. Coworkers love to nitpick and criticize each other, especially if it’s behind each other’s backs. However, there is still a spirit of “us against them” if things should ever be brought in line with another company. Employee loyalty is, at the very least, fickle, but it does help team members to desire to compete against other companies, and in that sense, cooperation is achieved.

The truth is, competition is not natural thing to have in business. It is natural in sports and in tests of strength, skill, agility, and brains, but in business, where everyone is supposed to be working for the good and production of all humanity, competition only sometimes has its place. The rest of the time, employees would perhaps do best to enjoy the peace, quiet, and steadiness of the workplace environment.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing is part of this genre. Competition is sometimes had between drug screening companies, but for the most part, we are all looking to acquire new clients as quickly as possible, to bring drug screening and alcohol testing to the world of business in Australia, and to hold hands in peace when not outbidding each other for particularly juicy clients.

Competition within an organization can be crucial, but it can also be unnecessary. If someone does a fantastic job, then they have earned their position, not through competition but through pure, unadulterated talent. Workplace drug testing should, in ideal circumstances, provide the same qualities. Everyone is working in the best interests of the client, but we are all on the same side, in the same company, fulfilling our work duties as best as we can. Drug and alcohol testing is meant to bring the best drug testing equipment and onsite drug and alcohol screening services available to a business. Nothing else matters.

Mediscreen agrees. Mediscreen is NATA accredited to AS 4308 & AS4760.

Nothing else matters to us, except you, your business, and your employees. We provide some of the best quality onsite drug and alcohol screening available in Australia, and have even been NATA accredited for onsite urine testing. If that sounds like something you would be interested in bringing to your own company, bring us in right now: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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