The Game is Up

alcohol testing WAGames are great, particularly when you are winning them. Games do not just refer to board games or outdoor sports, though. People play games with each other all of the time, seeking to deceive (at least temporarily), cover up, protect, or gain some sort of advantage. However, if you try to cheat, steal or otherwise break the rules of the game, and you are found out, the game is up.

The game is up entirely.

If one of your employees abuses substances while working for your company, they are breaking the rules of your business game. You have set up strategic operations, carefully set up boundaries, and put certain trustworthy people in charge of your setup. You have designed and implemented a very carefully placed and thoughtfully crafted game, and if your own workers are breaking the rules of the game, they are hurting both themselves and their fellow coworkers, who must take up the slack and be on their guard for unpredictable behavior.

That is not a good way to play the game.

Instead, put your faith in the ability of your faithful employees to carry out their duties, and in the meantime, implement drug testing on a regular basis, particularly onsite drug testing which is more convenient for everybody.

Mediscreen is the leading collection agency for Australian businesses, and we are proud to bring your basic worker health checks, and our mobile services to your place of business. Our drug testing knowledgebase is particularly useful for your business, and all of this can come directly to your worksite.

When you want the game to continue being played, make sure that everyone is following the rules. Synthetic drug testing is a part of make sure that your employees are following company policy, and that is important for you as a business owner and manager. What is more, pre-employment screening can aid in making sure that your workers are of a minimum caliber of employee before you hire them and spend money on their training and development. This is a game worth playing. For more information, call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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