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For onsite drug & alcohol risk management, Mediscreen™ is your NATA/ISO accredited, national provider.

drug & alcohol testingDrug & alcohol testing is Mediscreen’s strength. Mediscreen is a leading national onsite drug & alcohol service provider with over 10 years in the industry.

We are a quality company with the accreditation’s to prove it.

Our documentation and processes have been favourably evaluated by a toxicologist/ expert witness. These measures provide your drug & alcohol testing program with credibility and your company with greater legal defensibility.

In this way, you can be confident in the knowledge that when you partner with Mediscreen, you are receiving onsite drug & alcohol testing support and services, that are:

  • NATA accredited to AS4308 and AS4760*.
  • ISO accredited to 9001, 14001 & 18001.
  • Based on industry best practice.
  • Designed to provide your business with greater legal defensibility.
  • Aligned to relevant workplace drug & alcohol testing legislation i.e. CASA/ DAMP.
  • Supported by an expert accredited laboratory testing service.
  • Accurately confirmed by additional lab confirmatory testing results.
  • Providing fast turnaround of results.
  • Competently managed systems and practices.
  • Nationally reaching with collectors all over Australia.
  • Cost effective.

Benchmarked with leading practitioners and providers of workplace drug & alcohol testing, and competitively priced, Mediscreen is the smart choice for all businesses.

So, whether your site is located in a rural or metropolitan area, CBD or back of Burke, Mediscreen can provide your business or organisation with a dedicated Mediscreen Coordinator. Our simple single point management system allows our clients to flexibly change and update their drug & alcohol testing program via our interactive web based portal. If more assistance is required, our 24-hour helpline service provides additional service and guidance.

We can also arrange in-house or VETAB accredited training to ensure your team can competently administer their workplace drug & alcohol testing program.

Remember the name Mediscreen™ when you need a NATA/ISO accredited, national on-site drug & alcohol service provider, no matter your location or time of day, we can service your requirements.

*Section 2 of AS4760.