Employer Balancing Act: Australians Smoke & Drink Less but

Roy Morgan Research found during a study that 3 out of 5 Australians are now over eight or obese, despite smoking less and reducing alcohol consumption. What's an employer to do? Sometimes it seems li
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Substance Abusers Don’t Want to Work. Right? Wrong!

The man has been using drugs for approximately 10 years. About five years ago he started using ice (methamphetamine) and ended up homeless and poor, and alone after his girlfriend left him and his fam
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The Imagined Life

In life and in love and in business, we all need to use our imaginations to their fullest extent. If we are good with numbers, then we see life in numbers, angles, and measurements. If we are good wit
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Starting Over and Over Again

Starting over when you fail is something that all of us have some ability in. However, some of us have more ability in it than others. If you are looking to make sure that your business doesn't go und
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Engaging the Enemy

Mediscreen believes in a direct approach. There aren't any wishy-washy details when it comes to onsite drug and alcohol testing, and we don't want any mistakes to be made in our business. Engaging th
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