Work Can Take Away the Pain

onsite drug and alcohol testingWork is a useful tool for healing many things, especially if they are non-physical things.

When you work and when you sweat in hard physical labor, your body and your emotions are tied together, and you begin working some of the pain and heartache and trouble and bad stuff out of your system, no matter where you got it from.

Work can definitely take away the pain.

Has work been used to help rehabilitate people?

All over the world, various prison systems use something like slave labor for prisoners to do large amounts of work for a very small price which the state is able to turn around and sell for top dollar, thus bringing in a pretty hefty profit.

However, other than these crude so-called attempts at rehabilitation, the idea that work can literally pull something bad out of your mind and emotions is something which has only been learned and experimented with on a personal or individual scale.

In the workplace environment, this phenomenon is not really possible to replicate, unless you happen to have a labor intensive job, and your employees are really feeling in the mood for rehabilitative exercises. We’re guessing that they’re not, at the moment.

Mediscreen, instead, provides onsite drug and alcohol testing for businesses which need a safe, efficient, and mobile solution for their various jobsites. Rather than sending your employees perhaps very long distances to the nearest city in order to be screened, Mediscreen will travel to every jobsite in Australia which hires us, screen your employees for you, and provide you with the accurate, scientific data you need in order to make good decisions for your business. You may not be able to take any problems out of your workers by working it out of them, but you will be able to know if there are any problems in the first place.

Mediscreen is NATA accredited for onsite drug testing, and we are so proud to represent drug testing in Australia. Whatever your worksite situation, no matter how many employees you have, we are here for you, and we will bring the convenience and accuracy of onsite drug and alcohol screening to your worksite: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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