Putting Blood Into Your Land

drug testing expertsThroughout Australia, the United States, South America, and even into Africa, there are legends concerning mosquitos and land. The blood suckers are quite prevalent at certain times of the year, and they are even more prevalent in certain types of weather. However, some people are bothered by them, or attacked by them, more than others.

The common element among all of the legends is that if you do not put your own blood into the land (through insanely hard work and continuous perseverance), your blood will be drawn by the mosquitos as payment. In other words, you can either make the payment of blood through hard work, or you can be forced to make the payment to the land in your blood by the mosquitos.

Now, all of these legends are different, but they have the above statements in common, which means that this is an archetypal knowledge which will continue to permeate throughout the cultures which understand this truth.

Even the Bible talks about how a man must prepare the land he owns before he prepares the home.

The land takes precedence.

In business, the people take precedence. Without your people, you will not have the kind of teams or the kinds of work goals you need in order to make an appropriate decision or effectively execute your own plans. Without your people, your business does not retain the kind of quality it needs in order to be known far and wide as an effective company. And without drug and alcohol screening, your business would not have the appropriate steps in place to protect your people.

So, you need a good onsite drug and alcohol screening company, and for this, you have Mediscreen. We put energy and time into your company by bringing you onsite AOD testing, along with NATA accreditation to AS 4308, to every jobsite in your business, no matter where they are all located in Australia. This is perfect for out-of-the-way places which do not have regular transfers between worksite and neighboring cities. This way, your can still implement regular employee screening, without going to the trouble of transporting them, waiting on them to finish in the laboratory, and then transporting them back. That costs both time and money, and Mediscreen saves you all of that. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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