Drug & Alcohol Screening

Mediscreen™ is NATA accredited as an: Onsite Drug & Alcohol Screening Service Provider and Accredited Collecting Agency.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

Mediscreen™ developed their onsite drug & alcohol screening system in consultation with toxicologists, industry experts and a NATA accredited laboratory some ten years ago.

During development Mediscreen™ conducted pilot studies across a number of worksites on behalf of a highly respected national blue-chip company and procedures and methodologies were exhaustively tested, scrutinised and modified where required. Mediscreen™ continues to provide onsite drug & alcohol screening services for that very special client to this day.

Although the Mediscreen™ system is essentially the same in structure, it has undergone many tweaks and adjustments along the way as new technologies, test devices and methodologies have evolved.

National Service

Today the Mediscreen™ onsite drug & alcohol screening system is deployed at hundreds of worksites across the country and around the clock – working with companies to keep their people and workplaces safe and efficient.

When you engage Mediscreen™ to implement and manage your workplace drug & alcohol screening system you can rest assured of the following:

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NATA Accredited
More…Mediscreen™ is NATA accredited to AS4308 and Section 2 AS4760. We also use breathalysers calibrated by the only NATA accredited recalibration laboratory in the country to round off our quality service.

Mediscreen System
More…Mediscreen™ is a NATA accredited collecting agency and has over 10 years of in-field experience. We have flexible system designed to give maximum impact for your dollar.

Tested & Proven
More…After more than 10 years of operation we can confidently say our procedures and devices are robust and proven.

Accessible 24/365
More…Mediscreen™ is accessible 24/365 for onsite testing technical support.

Private & Confidential
More…Mediscreen™ provides a confidential management and secure storage system, keeping your data private and safe.

Accurate & Reliable
More…To ensure reliability and accuracy we participate in an approved proficiency program and conduct in-house QC testing to monitor product performance. Our reporting history confirms a high correlation between in-field results and confirmatory GC/LC-MS.

Risk Management

We like to think that our system is about risk management and not about seeking punitive measures. We believe that training, education, accountability, awareness and lifestyle adjustments are equally important factors to keeping your workplace safe.

The Mediscreen™ system has proven very effective in reducing the incidence of workplace drug & alcohol abuse (including synthetics) and the misuse of over the counter & prescribed medications for a large number of valued clients.

Our success is largely attributed to creating deterrence through providing not only the widest range of test parameters, but chiefly unpredictable test times – risk takers do not know when the next test will be – it could be a day, a week, a month, 3 months etc..  The resultant effect is to provide a deterrence yet at the same time identifying risk-takers giving you the oversight to manage the risk whilst also opening up the opportunity to assist them to accept responsibility and change.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

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