MERC 2017 Winner

M E R C Awards Night 2017 BIG Congratulations to all the MERC 2017 contestants The winners are: Best Captain - 1st Jason Ullrich - Northern Star Jundee And close contenders were: 2nd
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Bringing Out The Best

If you are looking for the solutions for all of your company problems, we don't have them. In fact, you are not likely to find more than two or four solutions from any one source. You dabble a little
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Say Yes to Waiting

Some of us are very good at waiting, particularly if we have held onto a dream or a particular desire for a long time. We have become accustomed to waiting, and so it is no difficulty to wait a little
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Traveling and Drug Abuse

When you send employees out on business trips, you can in no way guarantee that they will abstain from alcohol or illicit drugs while they are meeting with clients or right before doing so. It is, the
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Good Intentions versus Good Actions

You have heard the phrase, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." It is meant to describe situations in which people meant to do something good and productive, but allowed themselves to be
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