The Diamond has Lost Its Luster

onsite drug testingFirst of all, for accuracy, it should be stated that diamonds don’t readily, if ever, lose their luster. However, the title sounds better than, “The Cubic Zirconium has Lost Its Luster.” Now then, as an entrepreneur, the author has found many ways in which one simple task can be done and many ways in which a great deal of work can produce next to no returns. The great thing about entrepreneurialism is that there are always new paths to follow and new trails to blaze.

However…and this is a big “however”…it can be easy to always look for something new and fresh, rather than simply implementing a repeatable system of old, classic design and company operations.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of always looking for the latest trend and implementing the latest technology without actually creating stability and consistency in their companies by allowing the boring old workday to resume and repeat itself, as well. Yes, we all need innovation, but your company cannot be purely “innovation” all of the time. People would go into work every day and not know what they would be expected to do. It’s chaotic, it’s frantic, and it’s unprofessional, especially toward your employees.

The old classics work, too.

Make sure you retain the most effective techniques for your own company, whether they are old or new. Make sure that your employee drug testing program is taken care of by Mediscreen, a leading onsite collection agency in Australia. We take care of businesses in the farthest corners of this great nation, and we will bring onsite drug and alcohol testing to your company, too, if you will have us.

We might also mention the fact that Mediscreen is accredited by NATA for medical testing to AS4308 and AS4760. We believe in quality first, and we put the priorities of our business clients first and foremost. We know that you may have more than one drug testing agency from which to choose, but we also know that Mediscreen specializes in onsite services, which makes it especially convenient for both large companies and companies with multiple and hard-to-reach locations. This is one diamond which will not lose its luster. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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