The Next Morning

“The Morning After” often refers to the next day’s complications arising from a drug screenspontaneous and perhaps somewhat unwise romantic tryst of the night before. Naturally, many people talk about the morning after with mostly negative connotations, unless the interactions were, indeed, quite spectacular.

Of course, the morning after can also refer to negative complications arising in other departments besides romance. Drugs and alcohol often lead to incredibly harsh daylight the next morning. In a working situation, we can find out that we texted an offensive message to our boss, that we were a little too honest with one of our coworkers, or that we became physically violent in a workplace setting. It is really quite difficult to ponder all of the various things you may have done the night before, not to mention how many people were sober enough to remember what you did.

It is a good idea to make sure that you keep drugs and alcohol outside of the workplace environment and, especially, outside of working hours. In this manner, you can create a certain amount of separation between personal parties and public business affairs, thus avoiding a lot of the complications which arise come the morning after.

You can set up these public business boundaries by setting up employee drug and alcohol testing in your workplace. You can make a real difference in your company by having a paper trail leading from misconduct in this area to the actual consequences which you may enforce. In this manner, your company assets remain protected, and your business has a trail of evidence governing every decision you make concerning your employees, which creates an additional layer of asset protection if legal complications should at any point arise.

Mediscreen is the company with which you would want to consult. We provide drug testing services which are accredited to AS4760 and AS4308 by NATA. Mediscreen is a leading collection agency throughout Australia, and we are based in Perth, WA. If your workers need fitness and wellness testing, or if you are just looking to see if they are fit for duty, then talk to us. We come to your business, not the other way around. Our professionalism will leave you feeling protected and secure after the screening has been implemented and your information has been delivered to you: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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