Believe in Six Impossible Things

Workplace Drug Testing LawsIn the legendary tale of Alice in Wonderland, Alice scorns the idea of believing in impossible things. The Queen replies by saying that she guessed that Alice really hadn’t had much practice. She goes on to say, “Why, I sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

When you look at the history of humankind, you can easily see that it wasn’t just one giant leap from inventing the wheel to I-Pads and laptops. There was a lot of believing in impossible things along the way….things which, eventually, grew into reality.

There was a time when workers didn’t have as many rights and privileges as they do today, and there was a time when employers would not be entirely sure if their dismissal of an employee had proper grounds or not. Today, with the help of drug and alcohol testing, that problem no longer exists, or at least is greatly reduced in size.

By using the scientific evaluative techniques found in workplace drug testing, company owners and managers such as yourself are able to correctly discern whether or not their employees are abusing drugs or alcohol while at work or right before arriving at work.

There was a time when being able to do this was considered phony or in the realm of witch doctors. It wasn’t true, or if it was, it was not by any scientific method employed thereon. Today, we have accuracy and protocol. Today, we have tools, chemistry, electronics, and light wavelengths, all of which allow us to do many different kinds of things, such as screening our employees for illicit substances in their bodies when they come to work.

What if all of this is just over the top?

Well, your company is legally liable to for any injuries which may occur on your worksite due to one of your employees being intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. That is a matter of finances and legality and your business reputation. That is pretty important. You can see how it would matter whether or not you have the paperwork and data to determine if any of your employees are not complying with company protocol. And, besides, Mediscreen is NATA accredited for onsite drug testing. We have NATA accreditation to AS4760 and AS4308. To learn more about the onsite drug and alcohol screening services we provide or to schedule an appointment with us, call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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