Savants and the Special Ones

Drug ScreeningSavants are generally people who are ultra, mega, highly developed in one or two things, and which are rather ordinary or even perhaps underdeveloped in the rest of life’s gifts and abilities. A savant can be excellent at memorizing strings of random numbers, at recalling a piece of music from memory and then playing it flawlessly for the first time on an instrument, at painting, at many things, most of which are not social in nature. Many savants are considered to either be antisocial or underdeveloped in their social skills.

Do you have an employee who is excellent at one or two things, but who seems to be completely incompetent in everything else? Were they perhaps left to their own devices on those one or two traits for many years, and so had no incentive to develop themselves further in any other area of their work?

It is important to set strict company policies concerning appropriate social behaviors and not abusing illicit substances, like alcohol or drugs, so that if any of your employees have misconceptions about various parts of reality, what is appropriate and what is not, they can still know that there are rules in place concerning drugs and alcohol on the worksite. They can continue working, but with all of the various rules in mind. Savants and the special ones in your company may need a little more understanding, but more than anything, they need to have strict rule understanding, because they tend to follow those very well, indeed.

Make sure that all of your employees are safely looked after. You never know what is going on in someone’s world, but at least you can tell if you are abusing illicit drugs or alcohol while at work, and you can use this information to do something about it. Mediscreen, a leading collection agency in Australia, is accredited to AS 4308 and AS 4760 by NATA. We know that all of your workers deserve to be employed without the hassle or stress of drug affected coworkers, and so do you. Implement screening by using Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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