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drug testing AustraliaSometimes, at Mediscreen, we seek to inspire you with what the human spirit is capable of. You see, onsite drug and alcohol testing is all about giving you the information you need to make good, thoughtful decisions about your future and that of your business. And these decisions do not only affect your own financial status, but that of your employees, as well. Therefore, your decisions make a lot of impact for a lot of people.

Workplace drug testing is about making sure that you have the right people for the right jobs in your business. If one or more of your employees is abusing substances while at work, then it will not just affect their own performance, which is a company loss, at best. Instead, it will affect both their performance and that of everyone else.

Do you know how much each of your employees affects those around them?

Personal dialogues are the beginning of healing your workplace. You need to understand just how much the interaction between people affect each person in the interaction.

Drugs and alcohol spread like a virus if they are being abused in the workplace. Old former addicts take up old habits, newcomers learn the joy of numbing the pain, and everyone is affected by the lack of responsibility and self sufficiency within the employee workplace.

After all, if you cannot learn to have positive, productive, constructive personal dialogues with yourself, how can you be expected to have them with your coworkers? Help your workers to avoid these hazards by getting workplace drug testing from Mediscreen. We are NATA accredited for workplace drug testing, and we know that you are looking for the highest quality of services available. For more information, visit our website and take a look at all of the different things you can ask us to do for you. Mediscreen has NATA accreditation to AS 4308 and AS 4760. Call us up and ask us about all of the different prices which would be billed to your business, considering the number of employees and drug screening services requested. If you are seriously thinking about implementing onsite drug and alcohol testing, then we are the company for you. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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