Drug Testing and Modern Equipment

AOD testing AustraliaDrug testing did not used to be as refined of an art and science as it is today. In many cases, drug screening was so inaccurate as to make it almost wholly useless for any practical application. Since chemistry and technology have kept up with the general advance of drug screening practices, we have ways to detect the presence of illicit drugs by either oral screening or urine drug testing.

Modern equipment has really made the whole process of employee alcohol and drug testing so much easier, and therefore more cost effective and more reliable over time. In addition to that, modern equipment has made it possible to screen a large company full of employees in a relatively short amount of time.

Mediscreen is one of the mobile drug and alcohol testing agencies in Australia and we serve every part and remote corner of the country. We take pride in the equipment which we use and we understand that technology has made both our jobs and your jobs so much easier. What would have, in the past, required by going to a laboratory, freezing in the cold harsh waiting room, and finally being screened is now replaced with your drug testing agency coming to you, visiting your business, screening all of your employees right there onsite, and then taking our leave.

Now, isn’t that a simple, modern, classy way of doing things?

Employee screening is needed in every business in Australia, whether or not every business chooses to take advantage of it. If you are looking for a good company to work with, then look no further. Mediscreen is the company to choose. We use modern equipment from our sister company, CMM Technology, and we implement our services onsite. Drug testing in Australia is now easier than ever, while maintaining a high quality accuracy rating. Mediscreen is accredited by NATA for medical testing. We know that you are looking for the best company to compliment your business, and we believe that we are that business. Onsite drug testing is far more cost effective than typical laboratory testing, and Mediscreen makes the process as quick and efficient as possible, so that your own company can get back to work: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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