A Little Bit of Energy Transfer

AS4760 accreditedThis article is intended more for those of us who are naturally intuitive, or frequently use our intuition, throughout the day. I would like to broach a subject with which many long time married people may identify, but which many other people may not fully recognize. That is the topic of how someone’s spirit, energy, the essence of who they are, can travel between them and their spouse or long time partner.

When you live with someone for many years or you have been married to them and are around each other all of the time, then you may recognize this little phenomenon. You can almost “read” what your partner is thinking because your own intuition is so refined when it comes to this person. But, more than that, you can actually “feel” their presence around you, and I don’t mean in a physical sense, when you are feeling low or are going through a hard time. Their personal energy seems to just envelope in your love or comfort or whatever it is you need at the time.

This phenomenon is especially noticed when one or both people are traveling, and so therefore the couple is not together like they usually are. This means that, in spite of all logical reason, you may actually be able to pick up on their energy beside you at nighttime or holding you while you rest.

In business, it is very rarely that a boss and employee can form this kind of highly developed mutual understanding. However, if and when it does occur, it does come with various privileges which may or may not be useful. For instance, if you feel “in tune” enough with one of your employees, you may not believe that it is required of them to participate in drug testing.

Unfortunately, you can never know who will take up substance abuse and when they might do it. There is absolutely no way to know ahead of time. Therefore, Mediscreen, a company specializing in onsite AOD testing, is your solution to this lack of knowledge. We have NATA accreditation to AS4308 and AS4760, and we provide drug and alcohol screening nationwide. This is the kind of knowledge you need when you are not sure, when you can never really know for sure, about your employees. This provides scientific results: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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