Blue Water

When you think of water, you think of blue water. Very few people think of water as an AOD screeningactually clear substance, even though we all know that that is exactly what it is. Water is blue, in our minds. When we visualize the ocean, it is blue. When we think about a swimming pool or a pool of any kind, we see it as blue. Even a bathtub full of water has a faint bluish tinge, and so we even think of that as blue, just a little.

Well, the reality is that water is not blue. It is clear. It is colorless. However, your perception is reality, is it not? When your business thinks about gaining success, does it not think about the ways in which it is weak? It is good to care about these things, but not that much. You have to care, but not that much! Really, it is true.

What do you think of when you think about money? Do you picture yourself paying all of your bills and still having money left over in the end? Do you picture your company bringing in revenue but still being in a lot of debt when all is said and done?

Perception is reality, and this is not exception.

Employees feel successful in an environment of success. You, yourself, feel better in when you think of things which make you feel better. Don’t worry if they are not realistic. Don’t worry if your head is temporarily in the clouds. If you are working toward a real goal with real rewards, your motivation will be sky high. However, if you look at the appearances of things as they are now, this less-than-perfect view can determine and focus how you see the world tomorrow.

Don’t bet on everyone having your back. However, you should expect it. Don’t plan for the future while avoiding your employees’ flaws and bad habits. However, plan for the future where it is not only easy to succeed, but success is something which is worth achieving.

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