FIFO Drug Testing ServiceFIFO Drug Testing Service


Our experienced & flexible team of professionally trained collectors are able to attend your site and process hundreds of tests in a single day.

Mediscreen’s FIFO Drug Testing Service can target the regular drugs of abuse as per the Australian Standards, or we can target the largest scope of synthetic compounds found in the workforce today such as: Cannabinoids and other designer drugs such as “bath salts” and the full range of synthetic amphetamine compounds.

Cost Saving

If you prefer, we can organise to have your workers tested before they get on the plane, this outstanding service can save significant time and money. If this is something you think would work for your organisation, call us to discuss the finer points of our FIFO Drug Testing Service offering.


If fast throughput and the opportunity to flexibly scale your testing program up or down to comprehensively test your workforce is something that is important to your risk management program, then Mediscreen’s FIFO Drug Testing Service can provide the service you need.

Call us today on 1300 79 70 40 to see how we can integrate our FIFO Drug Testing Service into your existing program or to help you set one up.