Weekend Work and Drinks Out

There are inevitably times when the office or the work crew has to work on the mobile drug alcohol testingweekends, and for situations like that, it can be helpful to go out for meals and drinks together throughout the weekend, particularly between segments of work periods. However, in order to avoid any intoxication while on the jobsite, you might want to follow some rules.

First, tell your workers that you want them to be clear headed when they return to work, so they should order their drinks during appetizes or snacks, and get the alcoholic rush over with early in the meal. This way, they can still have their drinks, but are sobering up or are already completely sober by the time they return to work.

Second, engage in some kind of physical activity when you do return to work after the meal. Even if you work in an office, you can help the janitorial staff by cleaning up the place, doing some vacuuming or floor scrubbing, washing some windows, or you can at least all go for a two mile walk before resuming your project. By engaging in physical exercise after drinks, you are helping their bodies to process the alcohol, metabolize it, and to get it out of your systems before you get back to work and regular interactions with each other.

Third, remember to always implement employee drug and alcohol testing. This cannot be emphasized enough. You never know what the score is unless you are keeping score. You must always be aware of any violations of your company’s policies, for legal protection reasons and for common sense reasons. For this, you need Mediscreen.

We have all of the onsite services you could possibly want. You can get drug and alcohol screening nationwide. Mediscreen is accredited to AS4308 by NATA. Our customer service is spectacular. Our friendliness is unwavering. If you want to do business with someone who you will enjoy to interact with, then Mediscreen is the company you should hire. Drug screening does not have to be some big deal, and your drug testing program does not have to be super complicated. You can get everything you need done, right there onsite, with Mediscreen. Call us now and find out more about our awesome services: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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