Do You Put Yourself in Bad Situations?

onsite drug and alcohol screeningWhen interviewing a former police officer and detective, the author asked this man about men and women who put themselves in dangerous situations. How likely was a woman to fend off an attack from a man if in physical conflict with him? How likely is someone to take up drugs if they live in a drug infested neighborhood? His answers are simple, and yet very clear.

Women are better off avoiding the situation of physical conflict with men, in the first place. If they can park under a streetlight, rather than in the shadows, and only travel around with friends, rather than doing everything at night alone, they are far more likely to be safe. In fact, it is usually a question of the types of situations that women put themselves in.

What about drugs? The author asked this ex-detective how likely someone is to abuse drugs if they are around drug abusers or violence a lot of the time. His answer was that at least eighty percent of the time, a clean person will begin engaging in permanent drug or alcohol abuse if they are in regular contact with more two people who abuse substances. He also said that it is easier to stay clean in a drug infested neighborhood than it is to stay clean in a drug infested workplace, because you are always around those with whom you work and their energy regularly washes off on you.

Now, that’s interesting.

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