Breakups and Alcohol

Okay, we arrive at another article on romantic or other relationship breakups, and how this seems to inevitably lead to the over consumption and possible habit formation of alcohol. Well, most of us h
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Happy to Just Be

Have you even been happy to just exist? Have you ever considered the inexpressible joy in just existing? It's like, rather than placing emphasis on what you are doing now that you are on this earth, p
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The Journey and the Destination

The journey and the destination are the dichotomy of the century. Today, we are told that it is not the destination but the journey, when fifty years ago we were told that it is not the journey but th
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United We Stand

In your business, as in the world, people will succeed who stand together. While office politics may insert just the right amount of personal drama into your life (if you happen to be looking for that
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How Did They Hide Drugs in 2013?

Drug smugglers will go to great lengths to get their products into Australia. It seems they will also try equally hard to get drug precursors like ephedrine into the hands of those who need the right
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