United We Stand

Workplace Drug Testing LawsIn your business, as in the world, people will succeed who stand together. While office politics may insert just the right amount of personal drama into your life (if you happen to be looking for that), it is far better to stand together as a team than to be divided from within.

In the workplace environment, there are multiple times throughout the day and throughout the year where you will rely upon one of your coworkers and they will rely upon you. You tell your secretary to cover for you while you catch up with your old college buddy. You inform your friend that you have extra tickets when you couldn’t bring your own family. People look out for people in the workplace, and that’s how it should be.

It is when this teamwork and simple relationship dies that people find out how much they needed that interpersonal connection, weak though it may be, in order to smooth their day out. People need people on a regular basis. If they stand united, then no size of problem can bulldoze them over. However, if they allow their weaknesses and fears to infect the group, they find themselves unable to keep from falling. The group is infected, the group falls, and then the individuals suffer.

Workplace drug testing is brought to your doorstep by Mediscreen, a NATA accredited company specializing in onsite drug and alcohol testing. We know how hard it is, sometimes, to create a team effort. However, when someone brings substances into the workplace, it sure seems to become impossible.

Keep track of what is happening with your individual employees. You don’t need to know everyone by name. Just make sure that your team stands united, combined by everyone’s professional agenda in the workplace, without the infection of substance abuse making the business sick.

Keep track of how often someone is abusing in the workplace, so that you can make reasonable judgments on who should stay, who should be given a second chance, and who should be dismissed. Mediscreen is the business you want to hire. We have the results, the accuracy, the time management, and the convenience which makes your business great: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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