Another Essay on Compounding

If you go to the bank and put your money into a high yield savings account, it is supposed to compound over time, meaning that you earn interest on the interest that is reinvested. Not everyone values
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Exciting New Prospects

When you are about to journey on a new horizon, oh man, the future can look like an endless field of possibilities. And this is true! Exciting new prospects present themselves in every form to those
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Happy to Just Be

Have you even been happy to just exist? Have you ever considered the inexpressible joy in just existing? It's like, rather than placing emphasis on what you are doing now that you are on this earth, p
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Evaluating Employee Awareness of D&A Policy

Once an employer has communicated a drug and alcohol policy and begun a testing program following legal and established procedures, there is one more step – evaluation of worker awareness. Without t
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