The Journey and the Destination

Drug Testing AustraliaThe journey and the destination are the dichotomy of the century. Today, we are told that it is not the destination but the journey, when fifty years ago we were told that it is not the journey but the destination, the result. Which is it? Does it matter anymore? Does anybody really care about questions like these?

Life itself is a process. It grows and evolves over time and it has a fairly consistent flow about it, even with all of the births, deaths, marriages, and divorces. There is still a very consistent flow to life which makes all of us think that maybe the destination is the more important thing. We have flow, we go through life, and we reach our destination. Maybe that one’s the point of life.

But then again, life is also a series of hills and valleys, of interesting byways and little foothills and misunderstandings and lack of knowledge about family members and anything else you can think of which makes journeys so much more….shall we say…interesting. So maybe the process or the journey itself is the reason for life.

But, the truth is that since mankind has been unable to answer this question over the millennia, there is no answer. Life is an experiment. You mix some chemicals together, combine them with your own personal life experience, and see if the experiment is a success or failure. We see if it blows up in our faces or turns into beautiful swirling color and form.

In the workplace environment, we have a lot of opportunities to achieve greatness, but it is the little things which bring noticeable change over time, things like drug and alcohol testing. Mediscreen awaits your call and stands by to serve you with our mobile drug and alcohol testing. We are NATA accredited for medical testing, and we believe in our mobile AOD screening services. We know that it is not always easy to achieve perfection, but we’d like to help you and your workers get as close to it in your business as you can get. Companies are living, breathing organisms and we want to help you turn yours into a success. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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