Traveling and Drug Abuse

When you send employees out on business trips, you can in no way guarantee that they will abstain from alcohol or illicit drugs while they are meeting with clients or right before doing so. It is, the
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Weekend Work and Drinks Out

There are inevitably times when the office or the work crew has to work on the weekends, and for situations like that, it can be helpful to go out for meals and drinks together throughout the weekend,
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Feel the Pain

Do you remember, when you were a kid, dreading even the smallest amount of pain? Whether it was taking off a bandage or getting your blood drawn at the doctor's office, there was such a huge fear of
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Tenacity in its Purest Form

Tenacity is the ability to stick with something or someone until the process or the intended result is completed, no matter what. Tenacity disregards things like inconvenience, weakness, personal diss
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Screening Private Contractors

As a private contractor, the author feels uniquely qualified to discuss the possibility and probability of screening private contractors.  First of all, private contractors have their own way of doi
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