Traveling and Drug Abuse

When you send employees out on business trips, you can in no way guarantee that they will abstain from alcohol or illicit drugs while they are meeting with clients or right before doing so. It is, the
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Feel the Pain

Do you remember, when you were a kid, dreading even the smallest amount of pain? Whether it was taking off a bandage or getting your blood drawn at the doctor's office, there was such a huge fear of
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Screening Private Contractors

As a private contractor, the author feels uniquely qualified to discuss the possibility and probability of screening private contractors.  First of all, private contractors have their own way of doi
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United We Stand

In your business, as in the world, people will succeed who stand together. While office politics may insert just the right amount of personal drama into your life (if you happen to be looking for that
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The End of the Day

It is the end of the day. Everyone has gone home. Everything is quiet in the office or in your workplace. You are tired from working all day. You don't know what you will be doing next. You just want
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