Drug Testing and Modern Equipment

Drug testing did not used to be as refined of an art and science as it is today. In many cases, drug screening was so inaccurate as to make it almost wholly useless for any practical application. Sinc
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Competition or Cooperation

Cooperation is something that can sometimes seem hard to come by in the workplace. Coworkers love to nitpick and criticize each other, especially if it's behind each other's backs. However, there is s
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Thunder in the Stadiums

Have you ever booked an event arena or been a viewer in a huge stadium? What happens when the crowd goes wild? What happens when everyone is one their feet, shouting for their winner, whoever they may
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New, Better, Changing Tomorrows for the World of Drug Testing

The truth is that the world drug testing, just like any other industry is always changing at a moderate to slow pace and is governed by influences from within businesses as well as from the leaders at
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I Like That

Political correctness and lack of decorum have made personal preference a little more controversial these days. If someone wants to say they like something, particularly if they say it on social media
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