Sports, Drugs, and Lessons Learned

In February 2013, when the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) announced the results of a year-long investigation into the use of banned drugs in professional sports, including rugby and football, the s
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Time Saving Ways to End the Dialogue

In both workplace drug testing situations and in circumstances where drug screening is not currently being implemented, employees have a lot to say. As an employer, you must listen to every complaint
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Professionalism under Stress

By their very nature, professionalism and stress are inversely correlated with each other. That is to say, as professionalism increases, stress decreases. By the same token, as stress increases, profe
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Alcohol and Drug Testing as Component of Organisational Wide Improvement Program

In many cases, organisations approach alcohol and drug testing as a program primarily in place to “catch” violators. The testing program becomes a tool for punishment rather than a means of promot
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Darkness and Light

For centuries, darkness has been associated with evil, and light has been associated with good. However, the 24 hour day contains both darkness and light, which are both required for human survival. T
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