Weekend Work and Drinks Out

There are inevitably times when the office or the work crew has to work on the weekends, and for situations like that, it can be helpful to go out for meals and drinks together throughout the weekend,
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A True Escape, A True Move

Have you ever known someone who, despite all of their efforts and concentration on new goals, always seem to fall back into the same old rut? Whether or not their friends and coworkers laugh about thi
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How to Deal with Tipsy Employees

You may have just had an office party, celebrated someone's birthday, or just gone out with your workers and returned to work to finish a project. Whatever the case, there are times when a seemingly l
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Delighting in the Faults of Others

We have a little spite inside of us, and no matter how bad things get, we all have a little compassion, too. It is when we allow this spite to take over our inherent human natures that we find ourselv
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The Tears of Children

Children are perhaps the most easily influenced by any drug and alcohol abuse occurring in the home. However, as a business owner, there is not much you can do about that in the lives of your employee
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