Generational Planning

You've probably heard of family planning. This means that, rather than leaving potential child births up to fate, you judiciously use birth control in order to create the family that you want. Generat
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Working with Animals while Under the Influence

We can all imagine situations in which a drunk or high employee can endanger the lives or working conditions of their coworkers and themselves. We can all imagine situations in which heavy machinery i
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Believe in Your Workers

Of course, we would all like to think that our bosses believe in us. We would all like to think that our employers have a certain mentoring role over us. If our bosses were our mentors, then we would
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Opiates and the New Opium Houses

There was a time when opium houses were all over London and any other major port city which gave sailors and the exotic travelers a break from reality. When we say this, we mean a really…really…lo
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Sober Drinking Knowledge Dissipates While Intoxicated

Life is full of mysteries, and one of them is particularly puzzling. Why do people continue to drink and drive when they know it can lead to serious consequences? Why do so many Australians make such
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