Time Saving Ways to End the Dialogue

In both workplace drug testing situations and in circumstances where drug Drug Alcohol Testingscreening is not currently being implemented, employees have a lot to say. As an employer, you must listen to every complaint and every comment on what is being done within the company. However, occasionally you will run across an eager person who is so full of talk that they cannot seem to finish what they are saying. Here are some time saving ways to end the dialogue:

Physically move toward the door. Sometimes, an eager talker will not understand that you have somewhere to be, and if you move toward the door or away from them, they will be able to see that the conversation needs to end pretty quickly so that you can go about your affairs.

Interrupt them. Occasionally, you will just need to interrupt what they are saying. Do NOT comment on what they are saying, for they will simply interrupt you in turn and continue talking. Say, “That is so interesting. Can we talk about this at such-and-such a time? I have to go finish this report. I want to hear the rest of your story!” That way, it is in no regard a rejection, but it discreetly removes you from the area.

Bring in a third party. If you can get someone else to stop for a minute, then you can quickly excuse yourself and leave the vicinity without actually requiring your storyteller to finish their side of the discussion. This is especially helpful if anyone at all happens by. Try not to use this all the time, lest you get a reputation, but if you are running out of time to an emergency level, this is one of the more decorous ways to leave.

If you find yourself requiring more time to spend with your employees, remember that workplace drug testing reduces the number of invalid or emotional complaints that you will receive, thus freeing you up to deal with more valid problems.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing is especially helpful in making sure that all of your employees are emotionally competent to handle their jobs. Alcohol testing is necessary to ensure workplace safety. For more info on drug screening, get in touch with Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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