Linking Prior Learning and Future Behaviours

One of discussions concerning workplace training on a drug and alcohol policy and testing program centres on evaluating the link between learning from the past and future behaviours. How does manageme
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Changing the Way Your Everyday Life Runs Its Course

Every day, we each get into our own routines of observance and procrastination, and of strictness and laziness. Every day, we set patterns for ourselves which we will look at later on and further our
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An Inherent Need to Produce

Do you know what the highest motivation for a human is? A human being's highest motivation is to be productive and to make more of themselves through skill, repetition, experimentation, and practice t
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The Laws of Nature and the Workplace

Nature has many laws, which are in order of importance and can overrule natural laws below them. We have the law of gravity, which overrules many things, but not the law of lift. The law of lift allow
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Can you think of a good mystery series, either in books or on TV? The sly sleuth picks up on the most mundane of clues and never gives up, even when everyone else has. Things seem hopeless, there are
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