Savants and the Special Ones

Savants are generally people who are ultra, mega, highly developed in one or two things, and which are rather ordinary or even perhaps underdeveloped in the rest of life's gifts and abilities. A savan
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Build Your Foundation First

The author is an expert at building foundations, not just literally, but figuratively, as well. Foundations are naturally a part of building a home, but in the more esoteric sense, foundations compris
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Down Energy

Down energy occurs when you are bored, uninterested, feeling sluggish or tired, or really feeling unmotivated. Down energy is part of a healthy cycle of the day, but it must be used when you should ha
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No Way Home from Here

Have you ever abused drugs or alcohol? Have you ever done it long enough that you just don't feel the goodness from it like you used to, so you had to increase your self-medication? Well, we will info
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Being the First to Love

You might think this article is about romantic relationships, but it's not. It's about all types of relationships, including those between employer and employee and those between coworkers. This piece
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