Bringing Out The Best

If you are looking for the solutions for all of your company problems, we don't have them. In fact, you are not likely to find more than two or four solutions from any one source. You dabble a little
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Working with Animals while Under the Influence

We can all imagine situations in which a drunk or high employee can endanger the lives or working conditions of their coworkers and themselves. We can all imagine situations in which heavy machinery i
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Putting Blood Into Your Land

Throughout Australia, the United States, South America, and even into Africa, there are legends concerning mosquitos and land. The blood suckers are quite prevalent at certain times of the year, and t
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The Physical Touch

Humans need physical touch. We really need physical touch. However, even with our great nation being, overall, an extroverted people, we do not receive or give each other enough of this human contact
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Ten Kegs of Beer

When your employees get together outside of work, they may often go to the local pub or bar and find a good way to spend some time, munch on some supper, and share some drinks to come down off of a ha
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