Savants and the Special Ones

Savants are generally people who are ultra, mega, highly developed in one or two things, and which are rather ordinary or even perhaps underdeveloped in the rest of life's gifts and abilities. A savan
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Build Your Foundation First

The author is an expert at building foundations, not just literally, but figuratively, as well. Foundations are naturally a part of building a home, but in the more esoteric sense, foundations compris
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Following Company Regulations

Your business was either founded by you or by someone who built it with a lot of safety mechanisms in place to protect both you and your employees. Following company regulations is important in not on
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Misery Does NOT Love Company

While we all enjoy getting together to complain about the same thing because we believe that it gives us some sort of relief or venting power, misery does not always love company. Some people who are
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Peace Created and Peace Born

We all know someone who is naturally peaceful and who naturally takes the world by storm in their own quiet, peaceful, easygoing and carefree way. What is their secret? Do they just always feel comfor
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