Peace Created and Peace Born

We all know someone who is naturally peaceful and who naturally takes the world by storm in their own quiet, peaceful, easygoing and carefree way. What is their secret? Do they just always feel comfor
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Texts and Their Knowledge

People who love their jobs often read about various ways to improve their jobs or their businesses. There is something in the need for greater heights and greater perfection which helps people take th
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Being the First to Love

You might think this article is about romantic relationships, but it's not. It's about all types of relationships, including those between employer and employee and those between coworkers. This piece
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Quick Reminder on the Advantages of Developing a D&A Policy

Sometimes it is good to just step back for a minute, take a breather, and recall why certain policies and procedures are critical to business operations. It is easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day ope
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Firing Squads and Company Takeovers

When a business buys another business out, they have compromised both companies to a certain degree. There must be a high amount of trust between the two businesses, and wherever there is duplication
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