Linking Prior Learning and Future Behaviours

One of discussions concerning workplace training on a drug and alcohol policy and testing program centres on evaluating the link between learning from the past and future behaviours. How does manageme
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Taking Pressure the Right Way

Taking pressure correctly is one of the many advantages to enduring the world around us with grace and harmony. In fact, during these troubled times, if you feel the need to freak out because the pres
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Action makes Motivation

A lot of people, including the author herself up until recently, believe that motivation is what inspires action. Motivation is the offshoot of circumstances. It is not the originator of circumstances
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Living Up To Your Goals

Well, we all have goals. Some of us just want our children to outgrow the yelling and screaming stage. Some of us want to have a nice, solid retirement upon which to live when we are older. Some of us
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Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and dreams are common in all of our childhoods. Unfortunately, adults seem to have forgotten that reality is the same as whatever we're concentrating on, which is perhaps why children are a lot
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